Social Media

My #2017in3Words tweet was featured on a live broadcast.


My role was to “live-tweet” during a SQL conference under Allen White of UpSearchSQL.


The CEO of @UpSearch, Shawn Upchurch, and I discussed relevant content and engagement opportunities. This led to A/B testing that produced favorable results.

Marketing Planning & Team Building

My role was to create a community fundraising plan to generate revenue in 90 days under the Assistant Store Manager’s supervision for the MDA’s Publix Bowl-A-Thon.
We placed first in our district for raising the most money.


Social Outlier and RT Consulting worked together to create client marketing plans


The ILRC interviewed me to discuss the Florida Telecommunications Relay Program. My role was a marketing and outreach specialist for the FTRI program for the Northeast Florida region.

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker at the Beaches Business Link discussing “All About Twitter”



Guest Speaker at ITT Tech University College to Declared-Graduate Students discussing “Motivation & Persistence”


Guest Speaker at the SNVDC Northeast Florida community gathering discussing the topic of “Leaders”