Walk Further in Faith

For a while now I have tried to walk further in my faith and try to catch a glimpse of the “bigger” picture that lies ahead. When I couldn’t see more than two feet ahead of me, I would get discouraged. I reminded myself to keep walking further, but it sure has not been easy.… Read More Walk Further in Faith


An empty promise

is still an empty promise. We don’t mean to hurt people by them because we say them to keep us safe from committing to something we may or may not be able to commit to. We know the other person will understand and sometime in the future, it’ll happen we’re sure of it. What if… Read More An empty promise

Faith, Life Lessons

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World” -Gandhi

With the help of my current devotion Building Better Relationships, I have realized it is a consistent process. I knew eight lessons would not have instant success in creating and maintaining relationship, but hoped it would make the process easier. I have been encouraged to keep fighting and as Gandhi said, “Be the change you… Read More “Be the Change You Want to See in the World” -Gandhi