In The Kitchen

Recipes of Love

My kitchen is what makes our home, a home. In the kitchen I mix ingredients together as I prop up technology to read a recipe or talk to a loved one. It’s where magic happens as I make meals from recipes of love.

My mother invited me in the kitchen as a child. I would help her mix this or stir that not knowing what was being made. My dad taught me to make grilled cheese in elementary school and I remember making the family lunch on the weekends.

My mom gifted me some of her recipes and the ones belonging to my Nonnie. (I didn’t get this until a couple years ago.) I would find a recipe online and follow it exactly as it said and call my mom asking her to explain what sifting or zesting meant. After she loaned me spices I’ve never heard of and gadgets I used to play with, my love for cooking took off.

I found myself baking in the kitchen by wanting to make Christmas cookies during the holiday season. I spent $200 on baking supplies and baked over 13 dozen cookies and goodies to give out as gifts. I continued to do this year after year and often felt as if the food connected me and my loved ones in a deeper way.

As a wife, I enjoy making meals for my husband. I vowed to him he would never go hungry. We invite people over and bring homemade food to gatherings. I make my food and add a special touch to each recipe to make it my own. Each recipe has a secret ingredient that binds it together – love.

I love mixing ingredients and adding in a pinch of love as it all comes together. When the timer goes off and food is ready to be served, I know it’s time to share the love I have in my heart with those I care about in a 9×13 casserole pan or 9in pie pan.

I have used Pinterest and FoodNetwork for recipes because not many people have their own recipes these days. I feel sentimental making one of my mother’s recipes knowing this is what she made her family. I get emotional when I read through my Nonnie’s handwritten recipes knowing she did the same for her family. I use Evernote for my digital cookbook and hope one day to share my recipes of love to my children…or friends who want to learn.

Here’s a handwritten recipe from my Nonnie’s collection from my mom, Wende. 😭💚