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OrangeTheory Fitness Junkie

In January, my fiance asked to me try OrangeTheory Fitness while I was planning our wedding, searching for our new place to live and so many other things — a gym would relief some of this stress, I thought. The first session was nerve wreaking. I admitted to the staff at Orange Theory Fitness – Jacksonville Southside I used to do boot camps and remember working out so hard I would almost black out. It was intense but it got me in the best shape of my life. So trying a high-intensity-interval-training class again brought out mixed emotions in me.

The first class is free where you receive a heart rate monitor and can watch your “stats” on the t.v. in the class to see how you are doing. Each class has a treadmill (cardio) and weight room portion. Even though I saw a rowing machine I was not sure how it all worked. Needless to say, my heart rate monitor didn’t work and I saw my name on the t.v. as gray, which represented I was not working at full strength. It was visually disappointing, but physically awakening. I got a second free class because my heart rate monitor wasn’t working. The second class brought out an inner drive in me to compete with the people around me. I power walked on the treadmill, rowed and lifted some 8 lb weights feeling good.

I was hooked! My fiance offered to pay for my unlimited membership because he saw an emotional and psychical change in me. I joined because (at the time) I was getting married in four in a half months, and I told the coaches, “I want slimmer arms. The rest will be a bonus.” Sure enough…each class was challenging in its own way. I started sleeping better at night (less tossing and turning) and felt a boost of energy throughout the day.

My drive kept me going three to five days a week. At the end of four months, I lost three inches off my waist and was toning muscle in other areas. The coaches offered more arm options for me where I could. Were my arms in the best shape of my life for my wedding? Not really, but I got my pear-shape figure sculpted. And I continue to go because it brings out a strength and confidence in me I never knew I had.

Now, I’m a light jogger and lifting 15 lbs. and 20 lbs and challenging myself on the rower with 600 meters in 2:30. The staff treats me like family because I’m more than familiar face or the name on the t.v. screen — I am Mrs. Mattiace ( because I got married, remember? (: ). Am I proud to be a OrangeTheory Fitness junkie? Yes, I am! Now, I need you to help me vote #OTF the best fitness center/gym in Jacksonville. Go to and click on the things to do and places to be

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If you don’t believe me, LIKE OrangeTheory Fitness Jacksonville – Southside on Facebook for hilarious videos and reasons to come in for your first free session. The staff will welcome you like family and the coaches will motivate you to keep coming back for more.