Life Lessons

Dream Your Next Adventure into A Reality

As I type this out I am in my rented space where I collect my thoughts. I am beyond blessed to have a roommate who has given me the freedom and space to find myself and next step.

Twelve months ago I was flexing my #HustleMuscle juggling a consulting business full time, part time retail job, and a part time contract job. Working six days a week with 15-hour days was the routine I made for myself. I dashed from appointment to meeting and rushing through personal time to stay on track.

Was it worth it? It was exhausting. I exhausted all my energy in places where it wasn’t benefiting me as a whole. My bills were being paid but my soul was aching to make a difference.

And then three months ago I got the e-mail… We need to talk. Two clients decided not to renew contracts and my contract job had a hold on funding.


I didn’t take this news personal because it was a business matter, but boy did this hurt my ego. My hard work was coming to a halt. I mediated on it and knew it was time to save money and start dreaming again.

Where there is peace, there is hope. Where there is fear, there is no room for growth.

Sometimes life needs us to write down our next dream or goal so we can receive it. The world is full of possibilities waiting for us to take charge and ask for it to come our way.

What dreams are you proclaiming for your life? Your situation may not change overnight but your thoughts can change in an instant when you allow hope to cast out fear.

Dear Life, let’s write a new adventure until it gets here.