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Clear Your Mind By Cleaning Your Desktop

When you work for yourself or run your own business, it is easy to lose focus. Our focus keep solopreneurs grounded with what is important and what isn’t. We live in a world where technology keeps us organized and moving ahead. Our computer (tablet, smartphone, desktop) is our lifeline.

When your work station is chaotic, our systems start to get harder to follow. Our schedule can easily be overruled by deadlines, craziness, and life where we cannot find anything. Does this sound familiar? A clear focus and sound mind start with cleaning your desktop.

We came across a “Organize Your Messy Desktop in less than 5 Minutes” pin on Pinterest and decided to take a look. We discovered another entrepreneur who had the same idea as we did:  organization start with cleaning off our desktops. Moritz Designs is run by Heather. Her downloadable desktop tool is free for anyone to use today.

With Heather’s free download, we customized our desktop to look like this:

Desktop NowHow has this helped our focus? Less clutter on our desktop means a more functionable work station. Where was that screen shot we took? Oh yeah – there’s a spot for that. What were going to blog about? Yep, there’s a spot for that too!

How is your focused affected by your desktop or work station?