Twitter: It’s Where The Magic Happens

Every social media platform is unique in its own way. Facebook is great for family and friends, LinkedIn is perfect for nurturing industry contacts, and Instagram is perfect for entertainment. And then there is Twitter — this is where the magic happens.

On Twitter, there are no rules to how you should tweet. There are key functions to recognize when tweeting such as:

  • tweet in 140 characters or less
  • RT = Retweet (reshare content)
  • MT = Modified tweet
  • via = source from
  • DM = direct message
  • “RT” = quoted retweet

When people tell us Twitter is confusing, we ask them to image posting a status update (like you would normally do on Facebook) and explain it is visible to the world as if it is your sound board. Include a few hashtags or keywords in 140 characters or less and BOOM. Someone is going to find it and possibly interact with you. It is really that simple.

Your profile is all about you and your interests. Your tweets come from you. Spam is spam. We all know the difference. There are trending topics, keywords, and hashtags to position your profile appear more favorable than others but the style of how you tweet is up to you. On our Twitter business profile, we had made it a goal to personalize our brand. We tweet stats and articles with a human voice element into the mix.

So what does all this mean? Where’s the magic?? Here’s a recap of an actual correspondence on Twitter.

We received a notification we had received some new followers. New followers meant new engagement opportunities. One of our newest followers was a company “Social Outlier.” (This happened to be another marketing company that does what we do.) Instead of ignoring “the competition”, we decided to engage with them in an personal way. SO - RTC via TwitterWe received instant dialogue from the other company. It was short but it made us aware there was also a human element they had to share as well.

We continued to send out content and browse other tweets from others we were following on Twitter. We came across a tweet @Social_Outlier talking to another company about blogging. We love to blog and noticed Social Outlier had posted a blog and was asking for feedback. We saw this as an opportunity to engage with them further to continue the dialogue we once had before.

SO - RTC2Success! We saw an opportunity to engage that included a way to bring a benefit to them (feedback on blogging and exposure) and for us (to show creditability and grow an industry relationship). Win-win on both parts.

How are you using Twitter?

Twitter is a sound board to invite others into a conversation. After a conversation is shared, now move the Twitter user through a sales funnel to nurture the connection. Magic can happen when you share great content and engage in conversation.

Need help getting the conversation started?

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