Evernote. Your New Favorite App.

When was the last time you fell in love with an application? Yes, you read that right. Think of all the apps you have on your smartphone. Which app do you use on a consistent basis? I touch Evernote daily to keep track of all things business and personal in one place.

EvernoteWhat makes Evernote so special?

The application is free to download for the desktop, tablets, and smartphones. There is a paid version that is $4.99 a month for $45 a year. I have been on the free version for over a year. The application runs off its own server so there is not a biased toward Android or Apple. It syncs to all your devices that have the app, which keeps everyone updated at once.

Think of all the mental and actual notes you take throughout your day. Where do they go? Do you keep track of them? Set reminders to tackle assignments or followups?

The features of Evernote make life simple.

Evernote has “Notebooks” to take notes in. You can make a notebook for pretty much e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I have a notebook for each of my clients, personal business notes, blog ideas, fitness ideas, food prep meals and recipes, and so much more! Each note can include text, images, documents in PDF or word .doc formats to keep it all organized. The beautiful thing each note can be e-mailed within seconds.

How does this help people besides me?

Evernote has a Evernote Business version for in-depth collaboration for a paid account. One of my clients requests a mileage report from me every month. I create a note that includes a spreadsheet in my clients “notebook”. I update it and can e-mail it to my client to view the document, which is good. Or I can “share” or “publish” the same note with my client and we can work on it together, which is great. Working on the same note allows us to provide instant feedback to one another in one spot instead of filtering through e-mail. Brilliant.

Evernote Collaboration
Evernote Collaboration

Anything else?

There is a ton more paid features Evernote offers in the Evernote Market. The other free apps Everynote has syncs with the main Evernote app keeping all your extensions together in one place. What other free apps? Evernote Hello helps you organize who you meet and their business card. Evernote Skitch helps you sketch on documents and send them to whomever needs it. Evernote Food is a collection of foodie pictures we all know we take and want to remember later. And I recently downloaded Evernote Web Clipper and Evernote Clearly for the desktop. I am excited to start using these tools.

Download the green app that looks like an elephant and tell me what you think. Honestly! Tell me if you hate it or love it.

What is an app you love and why? 

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