Start Evaluating Your Progress to Find Success

What is a dream you have for your life? Sometimes we get so focused on our dream we forget to see the progress we are making toward our dreams. (I know I am guilty of this.) Every experience you have had or have not had yet will prepare for what is coming. Every step of your journey is destined to happen the way it is suppose to. Some of this mastery is in our hands but most of it comes at us as we step one foot in front of the other. Progress starts with one step in front of the other.

How do you know if you are making any progress?

Evaluate Progress

Every three months look back. Evaluate your goals and see where you are now. Are you closer or further away from them? Be honest with yourself and avoid beating yourself over it. Take action to improve moving forward. Look back every three months for smaller goals. Look back every three years to make sure you are on point for the bigger goals. Two months ago I drove to Jacksonville, North Caroline to visit my Handsome Marine. I pushed myself to drive three hours at a time to get to him quicker. Just this morning I drove to Orlando, Florida which was a four hour round trip. The experience driving to N.C. made my commute easier.

Stretch your #HustleMuscle even if you don’t feel like it. Our emotions should never dictate our decisions. Lets talk about running for a second. When you start running, it sucks. Nothing feels right and your body is *screaming* at you to stop what you are doing because it feels foreign. The benefits of running are experienced after you run. It’s the sound sleep you get after a good exercise. Once you experience this, running becomes an addiction to give you the energy you need and the peaceful sleep you have been missing. Bottom line: move beyond your emotions and put yourself and your work out there. Again and again until it pays off.

Be a mentor or find a mentor. A mentor is someone who invests his or her time with you and your goals. I had a coach who had mentored me in sales. Over a year in a half I gained a mentality that a book could not have shown me. But now I am seeking a new level of “mentor-ship” to take me to the next level. In return, I was introduced to a new business owner who wanted to pick my brain about how I got started in my business. When you align yourself with a mentor, your time together becomes a journey to achieve your goals with help along the way.

Never stop learning/reading/collaborating/networking. #WorkSmart “Successful people know how to master the art of collaboration,” @ShawnUpchurch. It is not secret people were meant to be around other people. How many times you had a conversation with someone and the conversation energized you? Confused you? Either outcome is a result from being around other people challenges you to be on top of your game. What game are you playing? The game of putting your best self out there. The more you learn, read, collaborate, or network with other people the more you expand your knowledge and circle of influence. Now, that is exciting!

Dance and sing to good music. I had to throw this in here for good measure. Some days I work in silence and others I have Pandora playing in the background. When I have music playing I often get pumped despite the heavy workload ahead of me. I sing in the car and find traveling better. The power of music is available to help put you in a better mood or company when no one is around.


How are you evaluating your goals? Lets collaborate!