Capture A Story So Compelling, It’s Worth Sharing

I love my job. I get to work with different individuals and organizations who are trying to attract customers. (Who isn’t?) It is not all about sales and the all mighty dollar. Yes, that is a key factor but the underlining message I help create is to capture a story so compelling, it’s worth sharing.

My job is to review who are we trying to reach? Where is our audience? How are we reaching them? What’s working? What isn’t? How can we make it better? The answers to these questions create a guideline. Once the guidelines are set, we create a campaign to invite them in. We build personas, content, branded marketing materials, and all the little things in between. On social media we live for instant gratification. Sometimes we see the results of our campaign instantly while others take time to see results.

Create A Story So Compelling, It's Worth Sharing

When you stop, collaborate, and listen you begin with research. What is the plan if something good or bad is said? What do we do if they don’t say anything at all? Share your offering, but more importantly invite conversation. When you humanize your brand, you become something more to your audience and customers. You present yourself as a company with a voice.  And that is where the magic happens.

The best marketing campaigns I have developed is when a story took off on its own. We developed the content, launched it, nurtured the company’s accounts, listened (good or bad) and responded. We invited others to join the story. We had a lot of visitors (our analytics showed we had more spectators than participants) and we thanked them for their time. We didn’t push for them to return to what we had to offer, but invited them to join in what was happening now. And do you know what happened? We have another campaign to build in a few weeks and we are seeing more spectators are returning. How are you evaluating your campaigns?

As a marketer, start with the end in mind. A sale will happen at any point of the sales funnel. The magic happens when the story takes off and the campaign does the work for the consumer. Awareness leads to retention and retention may lead to a sale or a referral. Go beyond the sales focus and shift to a story-driven campaign. Set goals and measure what worked and what didn’t. Make a new action plan to make the next campaign better.