AM vs. PM

Oh mornings, why art thou hard to enjoy? And evenings, why do you keep my brain stimulated throughout the night? I have read many books in health and in business that say mornings are better for you while others say afternoons can be beneficial, too.

Working in the AM:

I had read somewhere one hour in the morning is equivalent to two hours in the afternoon. (I am finding this to hold weight to it.)

Less distractions. In the morning, I can scan through my e-mail, create and restructure my to-do list for the hours I have today.

Quiet time. Sometimes I need to pray or meditate on what is happening now. Now two hours from now or two months from now, but here in this moment. I tell myself to relax and be grateful for what I have before moving on.

Exercise. I keep hearing exercise is better in the morning. I read in a health magazine that you should wake up and start exercising before your brain realizes what you are doing. I thought it was funny, but now I’m seriously debating if I should start doing this.

“And there’s no better time to review and plan for [your goals] them and do your goal tasks than first thing.” Zen Habits

“Successful people…wake up early… 4:30 or 5:30am, early”. Entrepreneur Magazine

Photo credit: http://www.rgbstock.com/user/hisks Words: RT Consulting
Photo credit: http://www.rgbstock.com/user/hisks
Words: RT Consulting

Working in the PM (Noon or later):

Atmosphere changes. When the weather changes (in Florida), it gets hotter by the hour. By mid-afternoon I am turning on more fans and lowering the temperature to cool off in my office. Sometimes my office is a nearby coffee shop or park.

A balance between the day’s schedule and daily happenings. The way my meetings are set up, I bounce from meeting to phone conference and vise versa with enough time in between to eat or review the upcoming meeting’s agenda. This “block” of time should increase my productivity but it sometimes distracts me. While I’m eating, I am thinking of something else or see my notifications from various apps.

Less caffeine + more H2O = more restroom breaks

More phone calls + technology use = more recharging time aka “down time” to read or make notes.

Are you jealous of Mad Men’s Don Draper taking an afternoon nap? “Afternoon naps can increase creativity and boost productivity.” Huffpost Healthy Living

There’s a science behind the temperature and lighting (by daylight or florescent) that affect us in the long run. Buffer Social

I’d love to have your feedback! How do you do your mornings? How do you like working in the afternoons? What works best for you?

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