Big Success Comes From Smaller Victories

I came home from a two-week vacation and found each work day had a long list of priorities ahead of me. I found myself questioning why I went on vacation when all this work appeared impossible to catch up on. I questioned my motives.

Why was I even doing this? To pay next month’s bills? To live another day? The answers were circling my thought process. And then I set smaller goals:  Get through one more day. Survive the week.

Big Success Smaller Victories

Guess what? Each day got a little longer and easier than the day before.

I made a running to-do list. (There was about 50 things I wanted to accomplish.)

I prioritized them. (Business, personal, clients, etc.)

I made action dates to get them done. (What to do on Monday, Tuesday, next week, etc.)

And got to work. #HustleMuscle

When I had a handful of tasks checked off my to-do list, I celebrated by being spontaneous. I ended up getting 42 of the 50 items off my list with time to work in my garden, see Steve-O at the Comedy Zone with my mom, have dinner with my sister and nephew, have lunch with my dad, and catch up with a friend.

Mom and I @ Comedy ZoneWhat does this have to do with being spontaneous? When I started working for the small victories, a bigger success followed. Reward your effort on your own merit system. Find time to put your work aside and come back to it.

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