You Are Not Defined By Your Job

When our days run together, we exhaust ourselves and ruin the opportunity to relax. Today’s Friday Focus is a reminder to live in the moment.

Our commitments to our jobs and other responsibilities take priority. This can run our days but it is the small windows of opportunities to embrace the moments we live for.

I know a guy who is in advertising and a father. He is great at his job and actively present in his family life. His job is important and so is his family. A former client of mine has recently adopted twins. She is a motivational speaker and a loving mother. She makes time for business and her family. I have also watched the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with Sarah Jessica Parker. It is a Hollywood version of a career woman and her family. She is a professional juggler to make what is important, important.

The examples mentioned above have inspired me to live in the moments in my own life. Everyone I talk to wishes he or she has more time. By striving to make moments to become memories, we actively make them. After our job is done for the day, put it aside. Create room in your day for small, precious moments that make you happy.

At the end of your life you are not defined by your job. The possessions you own are not extensions of your life. A rich life is a combination of the memories you make and happiness that carries you to the next.

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