The Day I Lost My Strength and Regained A Power I Forgot I Had

When you think of the word strength, the most common definition comes to mind. Simply put, to be strong is to have power. I believe we all have a certain level of strength (or power) inside us propelling us through life. Some people may or may not agree with this.


Earlier this week, I was having a really bad day. I know days like this happen on occasion but it is the day I lost my strength. I was working on a holiday with less sleep, dealing with grumpy people, and felt physically and mentally tired. I had a choice: give in to negative, power-sucking thoughts or brace myself and start to think positive and move forward. Can you guess what I chose?

I lost my strength to fight through this rough day and felt powerless. My smile quickly turned into a smirk. My hopefully eyes had gone still. The encouraging spirit I carry with me was on the defense. I had become a defenseless and angry shell of a body. The thought of punching a wall, or someone in the face was on the forefront of my mind. I’m serious.

To my surprise, others started to notice my weakness. (I thought I was hiding it somehow.) I received encouraging words and hugs from people I once helped before. I was offered an arm to punch to throw this *funk* out of my system but I declined. And then someone shared how he had regained his strength. He accepted it and moved on. He exercised to mentally prove to himself he has power left in his body. He had told me, “The mind needed a reminder to tell the rest of your body, you are still in control of it.” Does that make any sense? It did for me.

Later that evening, I wanted to cry out my negative emotions and welcome in new ones. Unfortunately, it was beyond tears. I laced up my running shoes and walked outside to my garden. As I watered new life around me, I felt a smile form across my face. With running shoes on, I convinced myself I can tire myself out by running.

RLT - garden 2014

30 minutes later I was sweating, bursting with endorphins, and with a clearer thought: you are an unstoppable force. I wanted to run a mile without stopping, and I did it! I had ran one mile in 12:41 and walked/run my second mile in 15:44.

RunKeeper - RLT stats

I could have stayed home and stayed in my *funk*, or embrace it and fight back. By fighting back, I regained a source a strength to overcome what had taken over me.

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