5 Steps to Achieve the Work/Life Balance You Want

Ask yourself this question:  Are you living the life you want to live? Why or what not?

The answer is always the same. No, because I don’t have enough free time. No, I have too many obligations now. No, I cannot go back and change things.

I am here to encourage you to change your thinking and start striving for balance. If you try to change everything all at once, you will feel overwhelmed and accomplish very little. Here are five steps to achieve the work/life balance you want in life.

1.  Set your priorities, I cannot stress this enough. When you set your priorities, it gives you a barrier between you and the chaos in life. When you know your priorities, you can easily see what is important in life and what isn’t.

2.  Buy a dry erase board. Visually see what areas in your life need your attention. I have my “to-do” things around the house, things I need to shop for, my agenda (work, client projects, church commitments, etc.), and the fun in my life. You can come up with your own lists you want to grow. Split the dry erase board to “fit” the areas you want to focus on.

Buy a Dry Erase Board

3.  One step at a time. Start small by trying to accomplish about three times at a time under each “area” of your life. If you go beyond three items it starts to feel like a chore and it will never get done. I like to run five times a week but the reality is I do not have the time do that. Instead, I schedule myself time to life weights, run, and play outdoor volleyball. My goal is stay in motion and I can accomplish that in more than one way.

4.  Before you start climbing this mountain of change, ask for help. I have a healthy habit in calling people and asking their advice or opinion on something. When I hear how someone has transformed his or her life, I get inspired. When I hear about the journey he or she has made before, I can map out my journey. Not everyone’s journey is the same, but a few stories of similar experiences can give you better insight going into your own.

5.  Reward yourself. After you accomplish a milestone, celebrate it! Make a BIG deal about it and enjoy the progress you have made. On my dry erase board, I can tackle projects, cleaning, and my tasks all week long. When it comes to exercising it is hard to motivate myself to stay with it. My reward system has been to work out and pay myself a dollar. There are apps to help motivate you by billing you if you miss a day for an enforced system but I trust myself. I call it my “No excuses, work out … No guilt, Shopping” money. I used my last $40 to pay for new garden supplies.

What steps have you taken to achieve more balance in your life?

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