Believe In Yourself Before Others Do

No, this is not my ego talking…

What you tell yourself, you become. What you think of yourself, will be. Shall I go on? There is POWER in believing in yourself before others do.

I am a big fan of affirmations, positive thinking, and faith. I set goals and move forward to go where I am supposed to go. Without them, I end up wandering in circles uncertain if I made any progress.

When you work for yourself, the things you tell yourself is what will pull you through. After a rejected proposal or cancelled meeting that never calls you back to reschedule, the things you tell yourself you start to believe. When you know this is what you suppose to be doing and believe in it, something magical starts to happen. The Universe hears you. What you said starts to come back to you. It is a beautiful cycle of your positivity and faith coming back to renew your drive and purpose.

Believe In Yourself Before Others Do

I have worked with a client for five months now. When we first met, she laid down the ground rules. She wanted things this way and done that way. I was here to map it out. Period. It was going to be a challenging project because most of my clients give me more freedom to work and navigate through our process together. Instead of being hesitant, I made a proposal. She accepted.

I believed in my ability and with previous experience behind me, I believed I could bring her results. I believed I could do this long before she signed my first check.

I am a strategic thinker so I could see the next step before my client could. When I shared our next steps, I had to explain my reasoning — a lot. It was good practice to speak up (with respect) to get the brand moving toward her goals. She knew where she was when she first hired me and knew where she wanted to go, but did not know what to do in between.

Our contract is up for discussion next month. She can renew or we go can our separate ways.  After today’s meeting, she has laid it out on the table. She needs me. She has this problem and that problem. I am her solution.

What are you believing in for your own life? How can I help?