Are we giving into the fetch, push, and pull of email?

With everyone and everything connected, does it matter when and where we tune in? I cannot tell you how many times I would be in a business meeting and hear the other person’s phone make a noise. No, it wasn’t a phone call or text message but a new email alert.

Do you check the time stamps on the emails you receive? With different time zones aside, I get a lot of them at all hours of the night. Last night I broke one of my carnal rules; I checked and responded to emails in bed. Am I becoming one of those people?

(In the words of Carrie Bradshaw) I couldn’t help but wonder… are we giving into the fetch, push, and pull of email?


I like to receive a fast response from someone minutes after sending one to them, but I’m guilty of not doing it return. How do we find the balance in our work and life when our email is being fetched and pushed on us throughout the day? How do we stay focused on the task at hand without getting distracted by a new email?

I cannot speak for anyone but me and say I pull, or manually check my email two to three times a day. Period.

8am: Top 5
9:30: First meeting/phone call scheduled
11:00am: Check email for 30 minutes

Afternoon lunch and meetings

2pm: Continue Top 5
3:30pm: Top 5
5pm: Check email for 30 minutes
6pm: Write new agenda for tomorrow

I exercise in the morning or after work. I take longer lunches if I know I’ll be meeting someone. My schedule isn’t always the same, but I strive for consistency to be productive. I know myself and if I had my phone fetching and pushing new emails on me, my assignments would suffer. Forbes suggests you work in 30 minute intervals before checking your email again. What do you think?

How do you manage your workday with emails? I’d like to hear what works for you.

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