I blame books for my restlessness.

Well, I would…except blame feel like such a strong word and I don’t feel sad about it. If you think about it, books don’t focus around a character that sits at home and watches TV all day. A book can be about the most active of lifestyles – good or bad

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Words: Daisy Simpson

I believe in an active mind, which leads me to live an active lifestyle. Some people think I may do too much, but I think that you never know what is too much until you reach that point. I’m not that person that only believes in saying yes, either. Know what you want – know what you don’t want, and commit.I’m not saying that if you don’t think you’ll enjoy something to not do it, but be realistic in your expectations. Be open in your willingness to try new things. This life is only what you make of it. If you say no to everything, what’s the point?

Last year, I made New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve made them before and disregarded them. Last year I wanted to do things differently. I didn’t commit to all of them, but I committed to all the ones I could. It doesn’t matter when you make your goal; it’s about discovering what you want and going after it. I like to plan, so for me it’s easiest when I designate tasks for each project. When I decided that I wanted to run, I signed up for Galloway and designated the time. When I decided to go back to school, I made study dates with myself.

These things aren’t easy. I have to admit that having goals and taking the time to do them requires a lot of sacrifice. Time is limited and when you’re focused there are things you give up. I think that overloading my plate has tested not only myself, but also those around me. I know I spread myself thin, but I’ve only learned what I can’t handle once I’ve reached a breaking point. In that point I’ve learned how to trust others and discovered my real friends.

Treat today like it’s the start of a new year. Open a book, become inspired, make a to do list (my favorite!) and get moving. Cross things off your list. You’ll only discover what you can’t do once you’ve tried.

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Daisy Simpson is a avid book lover, baker, Apple user, and F1 racing fan. Her tweets are hilarious and a glimpse of how she is in real life. Find her on Twitter @DaisySimpson.