Life Requires Balance

As I write this, I am thinking to myself I should be in bed. (Well, technically I am.) I broke one of my rules by having my iPad mini and iPhone in bed with me before going to sleep. This is a dangerous combination hence me writing about balance.

I broke my rule to get this running thought out of my head. We have heard it before, “All work and play is bad.” “Too much play doesn’t get the work done.” So how do we manage and live a life in balance?

You learn to let go of the hectic schedule. Let go of a rigid routine that keeps you in line. Grocery shop when you want to instead of when you have to. Run in the afternoon instead of the early, cold morning. Drink a glass of wine with dinner and skip the water. Eat frozen yogurt because it is there and don’t feel guilty about it later. Offer to cook for your mom instead of her offering to cook for you.

Life Requires Balance.jpg

Recently, my Handsome went to Parris Island, SC for USMC boot camp. Before I met him (two years ago), I had prayed for something different, something worth investing in. After our first date I knew in my heart that if I didn’t make time for him, then I would never make time for him. Two years later he has been my balance in life. I am not professing two years in a comparison to longer courtships or marriages, but to me it has been a two-year investment of fun, growth, and adventure on both our parts. I helped him along while he slowed me down.

91 Days minus 9 until he is projected to graduate. I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to meet him in St. Augustine for our first date. As I count down the days I am flooded with memories we have shared that bring me such happiness, and yes tears of joy. I am also encouraged to work on myself to be better for him while he is away. He is brave doing what he has sworn to do. I am going to face another day to embrace a better version of me.

Life requires balance because at the end of the day, you live the life you want to live. Make it a good one to inspire others to do the same.