How To Build A “City”: Growing Your Small Business Into A Global Brand On A Not-So-Global Budget

City - Robert FF How To Build A “City” Establishing an effective presence online for your company can be approached as a city planner would map out a schematic for a town’s layout; Needed are a firm infrastructure, reliable communication systems, sturdy connectors, and a populace within it to ensure the various tasks are conducted properly.  Organically growing your business can approached in a similar manner and for  a relatively low cost.  As a business owner or leader, you are both the city planner as well as the mayor and must think and act as such in order to become and remain relevant and effective in your “city” in order to ensure the health of the world at large.  An effective presence locally will be the seed of the ultimate goal:  A successful global presence.

An Oasis in the Desert When Bugsy Siegel envisioned what would eventually become Las Vegas, the world’s gambling Mecca, no one else could see a beautiful city of lights and dancing fountains in the middle of the unrelenting Nevada desert.  Siegel, one of the most notorious gangsters of all time, like Walt Disney after him, clearly saw down to the tiniest detail what he wanted to build.  He fastened an idea in his mind and never deviated from it.  This is what one must do when planting a foothold in your local market for your business.  Even if there are literally dozens or even hundreds more in the same industry, find a gap, regardless of how minute, where you can differentiate yourself and become a resource for your customers.  There are literally hundreds of different soft drinks, dozens of automotive brands, and countless makers of clothing, yet each one is able to compete with others in their field by being unique and giving to their customers something that others cannot.  It sounds simple (and it is, in principle,) but clearly picturing a goal is not only an effective way to reach your goals, but it’s been proven to improve performance of professional athletes and other successful people achieve their ideals.

Building Your “City” Laying the groundwork for any city requires solid infrastructure, which could also be looked at as the skeleton and musculature of a city; it gives the city its shape and provides support and protection for the remainder of its components.  As you would needs roads, an electrical grid and a water supply, your business also needs a firm branding foundation to rest upon that will serve as the bedrock for your brand.  This requires congruency across Social Media platforms, advertising, and any other touchpoint where the public comes into contact with your brand.  This congruency, i.e. maintaining a seamless message and image horizontally across all marketing interfaces.  Congruency is key and this seamless message serves as a primer; a base coat on canvas for you to create what you envision. The “bridges” of your city, the necessary connectors that you need for growth and expansion, are the relationships you’ll build along the way with like-minded individuals and organizations that complement you and your work.  It’s MUCH easier to cross a river by way of a bridge; and it’s equally easier to grow yourself and enhance your work with healthy, challenging business relationships.

About the Author:  Robert Eleazer is the Marketing Coordinator for the Sellin’ With CC Team of Keller Williams Realty Jacksonville and an alum of East Carolina University.