Dream The Future You Want to Live In

Let me ask you a couple of questions. What are your dreams? What are the visions you replay in your mind over and over? Do you write them down? Dreaming has the power to shape your future.

A dream motivates you to move closer to the future you create. I continue to dream bigger and today proves dreams do come true.

In 2010, I started my business with the intention to help people. The purpose was simple, but the reality was so much more. As an introvert, I come alive when I help people achieve their dreams. My talent in marketing is steamed from connections and technology to make it happen.

In 2011, my business goal was to work for Campus Harvest. My dreams held on to the power of marketing and people. I knew the money would come if my continued to follow my passion. I envisioned it. I believed it. I prayed for it, constantly.

In 2012, I met the decision maker to work with Campus Harvest. We talked for about eight months about where I was going in life and how my business was evolving. We had talked about how I had wanted to “travel” for Campus Harvest “live tweeting” the conferences. The decision maker laughed at my enthusiasm and said he would support me until I got there.

In 2013, I graduated college. I had client experiences under my belt and pressed on toward my dream. I sent Campus Harvest a proposal and I started to manage the conference communications. It was a challenge to prove to myself that I could do it for small businesses and a company that I have dreamed about. I traveled to NYC and Jacksonville, FL for two out of the six conferences. I “live tweeted” from all six conferences from the best of my marketing ability.

In 2014, I have clients who are paying me to help them achieve their marketing goals and personal/professional dreams. Earlier today, I was asked to book a flight to travel to one of the conferences for communications for Campus Harvest. I am looking for flights as soon as I post this. My reaction cannot be expressed in words, but this YouTube clips seems appropriate.

Dreams do come true if you work hard enough to go after them!