Where Are You Going?

It happened again. I was asked the question, “Where are you going in life?” The answer always seems to make sense in my head, but never out loud. Maybe if I write what I am thinking out, receive feedback, and take action than maybe it can become clearer where I am going.

I am investing my time part-time at a retail job I have been loyal to for nine years. Nine years. This was my “first” real job that saw potential in me before I saw it in myself. This brings in a steady paycheck when I need it. Some people don’t make it past 4.4 years.

I am building a business that allows me to have freedom. This freedom comes at a price. My effort, work, and time come at a price that does not always equal a paycheck. My résumé is full of experience and growth that words cannot describe until you hear about my journey.

I am growing and developing relationships. No, I won’t work on your marketing for free. I do want to learn from you and hope you can learn from me. You can define this as a friendship or working relationships because I saw value in you and like being around you. Don’t take advantage of me for telling you that.

I am paying bills that don’t seem to end. I have 13 more car payments until my car is mine. There is no co-signer on my loan, it is just me. My 2006 Honda Pilot was my first investment toward my future and it isn’t going to be the last. Sallie Mae is flooding my e-mails, so she will be the next investment to pay off after my car.

I am saving for a better future. I heard about an opportunity to rent a place near the area I have always wanted to live. The truth is, I don’t know if I can afford it long-term. I could make it work, but not knowing for sure is what worries me. The reality is my savings is scarce to support my business and it hasn’t paid me back, yet. I don’t have a nest egg from my parents like other people I know.

I am trying not to be negative. I see other people putting down payments on houses, moving in the next stages of their lives, and yet I am still in this season. The season of not knowing where this road will lead but it is the road I have traveled on for some time.

So, where am I going? The truth is, the road ahead of this one isn’t clear enough for me to know. For once I have peace knowing it’s all going to work out. I have my dreams that remind me of a vision I have for myself. When I move into the next chapter of my life, I can look back and see when and where I took the jump. Until then, I am growing and finding inspiration to keep moving toward my dreams.

Thank you, mom, Thelma and Jason for not making me feeling alone. And for everyone else, thank you for reading this and may we help one another find out where we are going together.

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