Components of a Successful Life

The dictionary defines success as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose, the attainment of popularity or profit, and the outcome of undertaking specified as achieving for failing to achieve its aims.

How do you define success? We form our answer based on our perception. My perception of success meant being financially sound with a clear purpose. Life quickly reminded me how financially sound can alter ones outlook and behavior in life.

I am not here to write against the wealthy or the less fortunate, but to redefine success for those who are moving toward their own path in life, like me. I define success as my efforts match my outcome.

Am I putting in as much as I am getting back? With every opportunity, ask yourself that very question. If you aren’t getting back what you put into it, then you are giving more of yourself. Too much of this is where people lose themselves in what life expects of them instead of what they expect of themselves. I have been there and I do not want to compromise that again.

Now, this is how I live:


What components make up your life?