Need a Personal Assistant? Download Donna.

We all have days where our meetings run back to back. Sometimes we get a break when they are in the same office or general area, but sometimes we are jumping across town to fight traffic. How can we predict that? We can’t. Maybe a Personal Assistant can help. Download the Donna app.

We know the phrase, “If you’re on time, you’re late” and before I started using Donna, I was always running late. I used to blame it on traffic because it was true, but after I used the excuse I realized it wasn’t a valid, professional excuse. I researched and found the rating to be favorable to try asking Donna for help.

If you are comfortable sharing Donna your GPS location, then you are going to appreciate its features! The account preferences include setting favorite locations such as home, work, or regular meeting spots. The notifications will allow Donna to alert you of an upcoming meeting in your calendar up to 30 minutes before the meeting.


How my looks like...

My iCal and Google Cal has been shared with Donna, so the app knows when my meetings take place on any given day. Under each appointment, Donna will ask where am I coming from and where is the location of the meeting. Set the two locations and choice of preferred method of transportation (walk, bike, public transportation, or car) and it will estimate your departure time. Note, this does change throughout the day because it calculates with traffic and weather updates.

My rule of thumb is to check this the night before and set my locations accordingly. My notifications are set to 30 minutes before my meeting so I can glance at when I should be ready to leave. If the locations worry you because you don’t know the physical address, you are in luck. The GPS feature can help you search for the meeting place and pinpoint it.

Now, I’ll never be late for a meeting again…unless I get stuck in traffic.

Donna was featured in the L.A. Times.