Let’s talk about #hashtags!

“I love to use them and find new ones to use!”

Whenever I tell someone this, I immediately get the following inquiry, “So what is a hashtag and what does it do?” That is what this Friday Focus topic is about.

You might recognize it as the pound sign that is called a hashtag online. Twitter has encouraged users to use them to have a conversation inside its vast stream of tweets. The hashtag has evolved into something even bigger today. To better explain why that is and how to use them, let me create a picture for you.

You are watching the Daytona 500 and the excitement to the interviews with racers and to watch the race is all you can talk about. During the show, you notice something in the corner of your screen with a hashtag. (Some shows are subtle about this while others aren’t.) If you have a comment about what you see, you can use the designated hashtag #Daytona500 or #RainDelay online. Where would you normally tell the world your comments–on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or somewhere else? Go ahead and send your comments with the #hashtag and see what other people are commenting on it, too!

Photo credit: news.cnet.com

In other words, a hashtag is a filter to capture the conversation and create dialogue between people online for a designated purpose. It’s really that simple. The key to remember is to use the designated hashtags for key shows or topics to be a part of the dialogue. The more you use them, the easier it is to use other hashtags for more conversations.

Some key points to remember when using hashtags:

  • No spaces (#Daytona500 is not the same as #Daytona 500)
  • Shorter is better. (#DaytonaFox500RaceDay is too long to remember and use.)
  • Caps does not matter. (#daytona500 is the same as #DAYTONA500)

Some of my favorite hashtags to use are:

  • #WiseWords
  • #BeALeader
  • #Consultantlife
  • #BizTips
  • #SMGirlfriends

What hashtags do you use? Let’s talk!

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