How Do You Do Your Morning?

Whether you have to punch a time clock or not, you have to be ahead of the clock. What projects need your attention today? What can wait until tomorrow? Sometimes the answers to these critical questions begin with a good start to your morning.

Do Morning

How do you do your morning?

Fuel. For me, it starts by getting up early. I have had bad allergies for as long as I can remember so my morning “pick me up” is not coffee, but Naked juice “Blue Machine”. An eight ounce glass gives me enough B vitamins to wake my senses and ward off my allergens. I love oatmeal and bagels that contain more blueberries to double my intake of antioxidants.

Refresh. I am my own worst critic. If I think I should be further along on a project than where it is, I can beat myself up over it. These thoughts are not good in the morning, so as I drink my “Blue Machine” juice, I pray and count my blessings. When I focus on the positive things is in my life, it creates an empowerment for me to tackle projects and life.

Top 4. Every morning I check my “Reminders App” on iMac and decide what is today’s “top 4” items to get done. By narrowing down my never-ending to do list, this helps me feel eager to do four instead of a daunting billion.

E-mails before lunch. I don’t check or respond to e-mail until about mid-morning to early lunch time. If it was urgent, I am sure someone would have called before then. When I go through my e-mails, I include news articles and daily buzz to see if my content is relevant on my platforms.

How do you start your day? How do you do your morning?