Trade-In your iPhone 4 or 4s at Best Buy to get a…

gift card or iPhone 5.*

I love to hate everything about Apple. Yes, you read that right. Apple offers great, valuable products, but I cannot always afford to buy them. (Seriously, who can? Well, maybe you–but not me.) I talked with my cell phone carrier, and I was quoted $200 for the iPhone 5. Geesh. So like every person in a contract phone, I’ve been waiting for someone to upgrade so I can buy their old from them.

When I saw on ABC News that Best Buy was giving customers a chance to trade in their old iPhones for the iPhone 5, I got excited!


I went with my mother to the Best Buy in Orange Park, FL and brought my iPhone 4 and waited in line. When it was my turn to talk to a sales associate, I asked the typical questions anyone would ask:

What’s the catch?
How much am I really going to pay?
Free iPhone 5, how is this possible?

The sales associate, Patrick, had said Best Buy had done so well in the beginning of this month with a similar offer, they decided to offer it again. He was friendly and informative about all the questions I asked him.

Trade-In for a Gift Card

There was no catch. Every iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in working and fair condition could be traded in. My iPhone 4 16GB merited a $150 gift card. The iPhone 5 was on sale for $150 (originally $200). It was my choice to use the gift card on an iPhone 5 or other non-mobile devices merchandise.

Can I have an iPhone 5 in white, please? With my mom behind me, doing the same thing I was doing, he pulled out one black for her and a one white for me. After ringing up the iPhone 5 and using my gift card, the balance was $10.48 for sales tax. Before I got out my debit card, Patrick asked if I wanted insurance on my iPhone 5.

Patrick was very helpful and informative.
Mother-Daughter iPhones

2-year Contract + Insurance (optional)

I was eligible for an upgrade with my carrier and I was willing to stay with them for another 2 years, so this made the process easier. I asked if the price would change if I wasn’t eligible. I was told each person doing a trade-in is different. It all depends. Know ahead of time if you are eligible for an upgrade because the price may differ slightly.

I could choose my current carrier’s insurance at anytime or I could go with Best Buy’s Geek Squad protection insurance. The main difference I found is my carrier required me to pay a higher deductible if my iPhone 5 whereas Best Buy would give me a completely new iPhone 5. My carrier’s insurance started at $8.99 and Best Buy’s insurance was $14.99 charged monthly. The Best Buy insurance had to be purchased when I got my new iPhone to qualify and could be cancelled at anytime.

Original store receipt

Adding Best Buy’s insurance, I was charged $26.53 for a new iPhone 5 with insurance.


For those who know me well, all my Apple devices have a name. Luigi looks slimmer now.

Screen protectors, cell phone cases and carriers are expensive anywhere you go. There was a bin of 50% cell phone cases nearby with regular priced OutterBox cases. I picked a pretty green case that was only $10 on sale and a screen protector for $25.

I’m happy with my purchase and thrilled at my savings!

Now you know the low down, are you going to trade in your old iPhone? Hurry special ends 6/29/2013

*Disclaimer: I, Rachal Tarquin, do not claim to know everything about Best Buys’ trade-in special. This is a blog post to describe the series of events I took in participating in its sale. I was not paid or asked to write about my experience. For detailed questions, please contact your local Best Buy store or their website.