Whatever I think, I become

A new month is a new month. We know it happens because we have seen it over and over again. A new way of thinking is something we have to work for every single day. When a new month approaches, I make a habit to reflect on how productive my business was in the past 30 days.

If I can be honest with you, April was a great month. I went on a family vacation and flew over to NYC for a client conference. All this sounds great and the events that took place truly were! It’s when I got back from this high, I hit an all-time low. I saw my funds and what was coming up. I got upset. I knew I was doing great things with my business but my banking account didn’t show it.

I was in a solitary funk. I knew I had a mountain of uncertainty in front of me. Can I go on? How can I get around this? I knew if I was going to climb out of this funk, I had to change my thinking.

Why doubt my ability now when I have come so far to get here? Every day I wake up and ask for strength and purpose. Has my purpose changed since I accepted the gifting I have used to build my business? No. I just let my mindset get the best of me by thinking I could float through the seasons. I need to encourage myself with a new mindset everyday to move instead of standing still for too long.

I know whatever I think I become; therefore, I want to think great things so I can become someone who succeeded in pursing their dreams.

I Think, I Become

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