Creativity from Caroline

Creativity from Caroline
Photo credit: clumsy crafty happy | Design: RT Consulting

The journey began when I was an intern at the Dalton Agency. I worked on the McDonald’s account with a talented group of people. One of the team members was in charge of social media, Caroline Winegeart. Her bubbly spirit was refreshing to work with when she asked to me help her with certain tasks related to social media.

Fast-forward to today. Caroline works as “Director of Everything” at IWearYourShirt. Even though, I must admit her job is super exciting this is only one of many reasons I have found Caroline as a source of inspiration. Through her blog, Caroline is nothing less than real and genuine in what she does. Her strive to find what makes her happy and to share it with others is what has moved me to find my source of happiness.

Who do you find inspiring?