Putting Others First and Myself Second Brings Success

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After graduating college, I did not want to become statistic of not being able to use my degree in the “real world.” With the current company I am in, I applied for advanced positions and corporate jobs to prove I was interested in growing with the company. I started this process before, during, and after graduation. Did I stop there? No. I continued looking at ways I could use the skill-set school had ingrained in me with a passion to succeed.

That is what has set me a part. I did not take any job rejection personal, it motivated me to keep looking for what was next. I used the power of the Internet to connect with people on social media (mainly Twitter) who had similar interests and careers as my aspirations and built a relationship with them. Only after a few exchanged tweets, we exchanged e-mails and connected on LinkedIn. Through this process, I had the privilege to hear their life story and experiences that put them where they are now.

I listened. I did not talk about me until I was asked. I know this might sound strange, but my selfless attitude with a desire to know more about them opened the door for knowledge. The stories each person has told me has allowed me to respect them even more. In return, I was asked what my life story was at this stage in my life.

My life story…what was there to say? I am graduate who wants to succeed in life with a degree behind me. My passion is to help others find themselves while I find what is out there for me. Though my raw honesty, my connections started encouraging me to find this path and contact them along the way.

Less than a year later, I still working at my current job for over 7.5 years and started a consulting business. I am using my degree to help with advertising and community building. The connections I had found online and know in person as strong as I have made them by making time for what’s important:  the relationship with them and my ambition second. By putting others first and myself second, I have humbled myself to know I have found success. The success I have found cannot be measured in money or any monetary value, but in the richness of knowing I am still finding my path and have a support system that is close by. The best is yet to come.

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