This might sound cliché, but it really isn’t.

“I did not get the job because I need more experience, but how can I get experience without a job?” Does this sound familiar? I was in the shoes of uncertainty just a few months back saying the same thing to anyone who would listen.

I have applied to over 10 jobs with a company I have been with for over seven years and have not been called for a single interview. Not one. I thought because I was someone in the “inside” for over such a long time would count for something, but apparently I have to try hard just like everyone else. I am not asking for any special favors, but a consideration to see how my résumé matches my talents would be a start.

Instead of getting frustrated for getting a “degree I will never use” in my current position, I started using it my way. I had gone to college for Advertising and Business. I knew I would always be working with people one way or another, so it made sense for me to consider consulting businesses for those who needed advertising help.

How did a consulting business help me grow? I had to do some soul-searching to discover what my natural talents and abilities are in life. As an introvert by nature, I am content to working independently for odd hours with a team close by for a second opinion and to reconnect with clients on updated progress. It is my very nature to help and to bring out the best in them to shine in their own way. This might sound cliché, but it really isn’t. I am a communicator who enjoys blogging and forming communities where people can be connected. (An introvert who does very extroverted things, huh?) I have been called a balanced left-brain and right-brain thinker. Often, it confuses people but the balance allows me to do what I do best:  be who I am and excel at it.

Through networking, I had found a business mentor and great people who have challenged me. Learning from everyone I meet has increased my awareness of how truly possible it is for me to do the things I want to do in life. I have set a standard for what I do and what I can do for future clients and myself. It is not always about the money, but to be taken care of without being taken advantage of either. A nice balance is something I am consistently striving for when I mention RT Consulting.

How are using your degree after college?

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    1. All I can tell you, is when I found my business mentor and surrounded myself with hardworking achievers, I found myself achieving more through my hard work. My business mentor has challenged me to lay a foundation for my consulting business to find my own path in life with it. Networking with people in similar fields or professions can open your eyes to what it is you want to do and allow you to go after it. Good luck! Please let me know if I can be of help in any way in return.

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