Laugh Often, Smile More

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Earlier today, my mom and I took a drive to the store. When we were leaving our neighborhood we passed a dog walking in the street. As we drove by the dog carefully, I heard a noise that sounded like a bark.

“Did that dog just bark at us?” I asked my mom.


“… no, I made that noise,” my mom said.


After our car ride I realized I want to laugh more often to smile more. Life is too short to live each day by lists and schedules. My life revolves around assignments and calendars to follow, but when I choose to laugh or smile it is because it is my choice. Mine. Happiness is my choice. If I choose to be happy, then the world’s demands don’t seem to consume me as much anymore. The freedom that comes from a decision that I made is liberating. I want to live free in my emotions to laugh and not take life so seriously.

What are you choosing to do beyond what you are required to do?