Change Your Outlook

Lately, I have been lacking motivation to do anything productive. It was hard for me to admit, but it is the ugly truth. I have two blog posts waiting to be finished that are in the “draft” stage and have not brought myself to finish writing them. Why? I started looking too far in the future and stopped looking for what is going on around me. 

When I started looking further in the future, I started to feel the pressures of life consume my thoughts. The pressure had turned into a burden I could not separate myself from. It was not until I had read a great post by Neil Renicker how “Everyday is not a holiday“. I had found myself wanting to move forward again. Instead of allowing the pressure to consume me, I decided to change my outlook.

Change Your Surroundings 

I stopped writing blog posts in my bedroom/office where I would normally write them. A change of scenary has allowed me to think more clearly. Instead of letting me mind wonder on how I want to reorganize my desk or office supplies, I go to a coffee shop so I can be around people. The background noise has helped me feed of the energy from the atmosphere that helps my finger dance on the laptop easier.

Keep Looking for Inspiration

Instead of relying on the same old ways to be inspired, I have sought out new ways! I subscribe to a handful of RSS feeds and often feel I need more. Instead of overwhelming myself with too much information all the time, I turn the filters on and off as my interests change.

I knew I could always start a conversation with my good friend Kat and feel inspired. She has been given a big internship opportunity in Switzerland, which has left me missing our conversations. Her brave move has shown me the next step for my own personal and professional growth is endless. My vision of where I will end up next should not be cut short. Instead, I should start looking at different sides of the road to see where I might end up next.

After my internship at an advertising agency, I know I will do just fine working in one and can be ok working outside one. I have started to visit non-profit organizations to express my passion to continue helping people and gain knowledge of where my skills fit. I am connecting to people who are freelancing to gain knowledge from their experiences and see what could help me.

Don’t Stop Believing

As a recent college graduate, I have applied for three jobs and have been turned down all three times. It can be upsetting, but I believe my time will come. It may not be today or tomorrow, but my time will come. Until then, I am using every opportunity to network and engage with people. I picked up a gyro from the greek restaurant near my work and noticed the menus. I had made a comment to the owner how appealing they have been displayed and how easy to read they were. He thanked me and said he is always looking for ways to improve them and his business. I gave him my business card and had told him what I have done for a local gym.

Face the Fear

Everyday is a gift–remember that. Instead of going out and receiving the reward life offers, I have let others claim the prize of conquering their fear by encouraging them and hiding behind my own. What do I have to fear? Everything. I am an introvert by nature, but you would not have known it after meeting me. I have to give myself a pep talk every time I speak in public or as I smile at the people I walk by. By going out of my comfort zone, I get an adrenaline rush that I thrive on to keep pushing my fears aside. By facing my fears, I know life is tough but well worth the fight to have a stake in victory!

Take Action

Since August 2011, I have been looking for a mentor. I have been tweeting to an agency called Ad Buzz about finding one hoping someone would offer his or her time. The truth is, I have not had much luck. It is not the agency’s fault, but my own. Instead of putting my dreams in someone’s hands–I’m taking them into my own hands and taking action. When I visited the ILRC of Northeast Florida organization, I noticed they had a mentor program. Everyone needs a mentor in some shape or form, so what is my excuse for not being someone’s mentor while I find my own?

What are some ways you are challenging yourself to keep your passions and dreams alive?

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