Mia Tre Parolas (My Three Words)

It is the third day into the new year and I am in a slower pace of how I am normally “running” my life. This might change as my two post-graduation classes start on Thursday, but for now it has been peaceful. Instead of complaining about not having enough “free” time, I am making more time to be free. I had bought these POP-ITS for my 3-year-old nephew for the New Year celebration, but he was already asleep by the time I had come home. On Monday, he woke me up and had the box in his hands knowing it was something we would do together. Instead of rushing into my usual routine of waking up and getting ready for work to head out the door, I decided to go outside my routine and just go with the flow of life. I got up, ate my breakfast, and walked outside with my nephew to play. (When was the last time you set aside for playtime?)

The advantage of being a proud Aunt is to help share new experiences with someone who is new to the world. I made a promise to myself that I would never lie or keep anything from my nephew, Austin. If he wanted to learn or do something (given the safety and age appropriate guidelines), I would share my knowledge and time with him.  I wish I had my camera to convey how much joy this little guy brings to my life as we played with the POP-ITS. His laugh has a shriek of innocence that makes me feel young at heart again. His sense of adventure makes me fearless and unguarded.

With that said, why am I being such an “adult” about things? Why can’t I live without fear and embrace life like my nephew does? Because the world makes you think LIFE is a struggle and the impossible is hard. Even though there is some truth in the previous statement, I have learned it is all about positive thinking and a faith that can move mountains. This needs to consume you to block out the world’s negative vibes. Seriously. Try waking up with a mantra, scripture, inspiration, or pray and meditate on that throughout the day. I guarantee you will feel and embrace life differently than you normally would.


With the inspiration from Chris Brogan and his “3 Words for 2012“, I have decided to come up with my own.


Yes I Can do anything I put my mind to.

I Will Learn Italian and new things I have been putting off.

I Am Me in everything I do and won’t apologize or compromise to please anyone.

I Will Live without fear, or planning my tomorrow and just live for the day.


What are your 3 Words for 2012?