2012: A Fresh Start

In 2011, I remember

  • graduating from college.
  • buying a newer car.
  • being tested to move forward in faith and lead.
  • started a “life-style change” that has transformed my outlook on health.
  • I reconnected with friends.
  • God’s plan is always better than my own.
  • the pain I felt one day would bring me peace on another day.
  • finding hearts of God’s love and using them as a testimony.
  • speaking with grace and standing up for what I believe in.
  • practicing humility to diminish my pride.


In 2012, I…

will make time for the important things and put off the unimportant things for another day.

will seek God more instead of running in circles of doubt.

will live with no regrets.

will listen more.

will use my voice to speak for those who have gone unheard.

will get my passport and travel.

will organize my own garage sale.

want to think of others before myself.

want to sing karaoke sober.

want to meet new people and bring them hope.

want to inspire others.

want to live without fear.

want to be someone’s mentor as I search for my own.

want to give my time to those in need.

2 thoughts on “2012: A Fresh Start

  1. You bring tears to my eyes. I see you accomplish what you set out to do. Looking forward to what 2012 brings and more…

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