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10 Ways to get a Migraine

In between car shopping because my car broke down, graduating in the beginning of this month, getting ready for Christmas, and juggling a new work/life schedule I have been getting frequent migraines. This time of year should be the time of year to actually slow down and spend quality time with family and friends, but I have noticed it only seems to get busier for many reasons.

I have noticed a few “commonalities” of what might be causing my severe headaches and decided to see if my experience can help you. Instead of writing a “how-to” get rid of the painful headaches, I decided to use humor to try to prevent them and to be aware of what may have caused them. Afterall, humor generates laughter and laughter is the best medicine. 


  1. Get less sleep than you normally do. Your body is a machine.
  2. Drink more caffeine. Your body will think it is flavored water.
  3. If you follow #1 and #2, dehydration will be the last thing on your mind.
  4. Sleep in late to catch up on sleep. 4 hours of sleep last night + 2 hour nap = 6 hours of sleep.
  5. Running on-the-go without any sufficient rest is for chumps.
  6. Exercise, who has time for it? You sure don’t—keep going.
  7. Are you working in a demanding job that requires your mental and physical efforts to be used 24/7? Robots might start asking you for a operator’s manual. 
  8. Do you have “irritants” in your home or work environment? (e.g. dust, annoying people, loud and frequent changes in noise and lighting) Just put on headphones and the maid will dust and clean for you.
  9. Are you caught in heavy traffic? Turn the music up louder and tell Facebook how annoyed you are right now.
  10. Are you craving sweets and heavy carbs? Eating them to make you feel better so don’t worry, be happy.