“Never Doubt And Keep Moving Forward” -RLT

Yes, I just quoted myself in my headline to make a point–NEVER DOUBT AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Ok, caps lock off. That’s what I have been telling myself lately knowing that my internship is coming to an end in about a month. I probably should be talking about graduation, but I do not fear what tomorrow brings because I know I am moving forward in what I want to do with my life. I am trusting in my faith that the impressions I have made and the hands I have shook will actually get me closer. Am I expecting something to be handed to me? Not at all! I am encouraging those who are struggling and uncertain about what the future holds to keep moving. Seriously.

  • Find out what you’re passionate about and dive into it. I love writing and am trying to blog more and hand write letters through the mail. When I am writing, I get to escape from my own head for a while and just become one with whatever I am writing about. When I write a letter, I make sure I express my how grateful I am toward the person who wrote me and give them a piece of my time like they have done for me. When I blog, I am looking forward to hearing how something I wrote had helped someone, which encourages me to write more. What are some ways you can do more in your area of interest?
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. When I am around people who are creative thinkers, I feel more “artsy.” (You know what I’m talking about.) It’s the feeling of progress that comes out of being around those type of people. Last week at my internship, I heard a few keywords that sparked my interest. I won’t reveal what they are because it’s not suppose to leave the office, so I’ll say it’s something you can Google. (Not helpful, I know.) What I am trying to say is after hearing those key words I have been researching ways to make those keywords an action! The ideas are endless and puts me on a path that leads to “progress” until it comes to life. How are your surroundings?
  • Don’t be afraid to try. I know there’s a famous quote that goes like, “The journey of success beings with a single step” and that’s how I feel. If you do not try, then why live? Ok, that might be a bit extreme. I remember I used to mentally give up before I even physically started and felt defeated. Now, I take a moment and get the thoughts out of my head and onto something tangible. After it is tangible, I review the thoughts and make a move. I know it’s nerve wrecking and will be hard at first, but I promise you will feel much better about it after everything has been said and done. Take a chance and be brave!
  • Always be willing to learn and improve. I have humbled myself many times realizing I can always improve on something. (That’s hard to admit coming from a perfectionist, but it’s true.) The world is changing rapidly and maybe you are learning today and tomorrow you’re teaching others about it. Who knows! Allow yourself to be flexible and see where it takes you. Nothing happens overnight, but a little progress each day is easier than cramming it all at once. Try finding someone who knows something about what you want to know more about and refer to my network relationship etiquette after you spend time with them.

Good luck with your journey and I pray it brings you success and happiness!