In The Kitchen

Do We Stay or Go our Separate Ways?

(Bare with me, I’m having a food crisis–enjoy the food humor.)

Dear Chocolate,

We were only supposed to meet on Sunday, but when I forgot to gorge myself in a Publix yo-yo cookie we decided to make an exception and catch up on Monday. When Monday came, I felt guilty but you led me to believe it would only happen just this one time. Tuesday came and I wanted more of you, but you were not around. I started to worry and think I did something wrong.

On Wednesday, I thought I was going to be ok until I remembered I ran out of chocolate soy milk. I reached for sugar-free jello dark chocolate pudding, but it just didn’t seem appealing anymore. Thursday was my nephew’s birthday and it would have been rude of me to ignore you when everyone was enjoying your company, so I thought I would too. You were great in the ice cream and perfect in the marble cake. I wish I had taken seconds and possibly thirds if no one was around to judge us.

Now, it is Friday and I knew you would find a way to make my heart melt again. As soon as I saw the dessert menu, I let my inhibitions go. I ordered a strawberry chocolate milkshake and three cookies for me and a friend after our dinner. I shared the cookies, but wish I hadn’t because I wanted you all to myself. I didn’t waste any time savoring the delicious flavors that danced on my tongue and slowly relaxed in my stomach.

I promised fruits, vegetables, and sugar-free “chocolaty things” we could spend time together Monday through Saturday. Now that I have neglected them for you, I think they are upset with me. I told them we were not going to see each other anymore during the week, but they don’t believe me. I came home to see a handful of strawberries in the refrigerator, but I ignored them.

See what you are doing to me? I am ignoring the things I once enjoyed because I want to spend time with you. It is not fair for you to keep torturing me like this. I know we have great chemistry and you are hard to resist, but this is where we must go our separate ways

… until Sunday comes around again! (: