Living Life Through Generosity

I look forward to Sunday because it is the day I get to set my own agenda. My calendar is set for me to do things like this—blog, talk to friends, grab a mid-afternoon coffee, and enjoy the outside without worrying about a deadline or appointment. I dolce far niente, or the sweetness of doing nothing in Italian. If you read the book “Eat. Pray. Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert, then it’s familiar to you or maybe you’ve discovered it on your own in another way. It’s been my theme because I am learning to be content in all areas of my life.

To be content is like giving up my worries and giving them to God because I know he wants what is best for me. (Even if I don’t know what is best for me at that time.) A few days ago, I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in months. It was good to share how my life has been since we last saw one another. He continues to encourage the best way by listening and sharing his wisdom of what he has done. (This is where God moves in powerful ways that are much bigger than my own.) Prior to running into this friend, earlier that morning I had made myself a quick lunch wishing I had more time to make something bigger or a little extra money to buy something. My budget has been cut back due to me not working at much as I go to school and intern, but I knew it would be like this going into this season of my life. Nonetheless, I trusted God would take care of me because there was nothing I could do on this day to change my situation. I could worry helplessly or trust in God time and time again. This is when I ran into my friend and as we got done talking, he shook my hand with a farewell smile and left me with $5. I felt bad and offered to give it back, but he waved me on and started walking away. I walked away feeling humbled (I am not one to ask for money/help from others… call it selfish pride) because God has been teaching me to trust in him and not carry LIFE on my own.

We are relational people because that is how God created us to be. Inspired by this morning’s sermon at Southpoint Community Church by Pastor Russ Austin, he encouraged us to be generous.

  • When the word generous comes to mind, many people think of money but not always. As you read above, I am not “wealthy” with the money in my life but I am blessed because of those who have been generous with theirs.
  • I am often encouraged by a word or message and I encourage others in hopes God can move in their lives in a similar way he has in mine. Out of all the people I tell, many one or two may actually need the encouragement. I am generous with my encouragement because I know it’s something I can offer to others.
  • Since the beginning of this year, I have been on this “lifestyle change” that has brought upon healthy habits I share with others. I cannot afford a gym membership, so I have an agreement with a friend who owns a gym to work on his social media in exchange for a membership. With the social media outlet and in other ways, I share with others what he has taught me about food. I share this knowledge because someone was generous with his time and passion to pass it on to me.
  • I received a phone call prior to typing this out from a friend who is in a rough season of her life. She has a lot on her plate and is seeking advice in her situation. What we talked about is private, but be rest assured her situation reminds me of my own a few months ago. When I was going through one of the roughest and busiest seasons of my life, I had received guidance that helped me get through it. I shared with her what I had done in a similar situation in hopes she could see how I “survived.” Someone was generous with their time to hear me rant and rave, so I continue to use what I learned to be generous with someone else.

What are you generous with that are withholding from others? Ask God to show you what more can you do for him and others. I hope anything I have said has been said out of love and encouragement for you to do the same. May your actions bring glory and blessings upon you as you give of your time, experiences, or in your own way to help others.